will keep this msg short and straight..

bought a vaio s-series, xp home with sp2 preinnstalled....fine

formatted once bcos of some problem...installed and used winxp prof for few days.

ordered from sony and tried using vaio reovery cd to gt it to original factory state....but after whole installation...the 'infamous' blue error screen flashes and system restarts...am not able to recover and get into windows :sad:
please help

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First, are you sure Sony sent you the correct recovery CD set? It sounds like you may have a driver conflict problem. Another possibility is a memory error. If you can get the laptop to boot into safe mode you can turn off the option for the system to restart after an error. Then you could post the error information from the blue screen which may help narrow down the cause of the problem. To turn off the restart option boot into Safe mode by pressing F8 after POST completes and then after the Windows desktop appears, go to Control Panel >> SYSTEM >> Advanced tab >> Start up and Recovery button >> and uncheck the box next to "Automatically Restart"

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