my friend has this problem with his geforce 6800. when he tries to install the drivers for the card it only installs the icon and a few files. then the comp restarts with this garbbled screen. he has asus a8v deluxe mobo, amd 64 3500, 2 westgate serial ata with raid and dual channel 512 mb ddr pc3200 memory cards. any ideas as to what could be going on.
oh yeah when booted in safe mode and the vga display drivers are loaded the screen is normal. should we look toward the video card as being the problem ??this is driving us mad please help.

Ensure no other drivers are currently installed (check Add or Remove Programs under Control Panel). Are you attempting to install the latest drivers available from Nvidia?

no he isn't just the drivers that are on install disk. ok, we'll try the add remove programs deal in safe mode and i'll download the lastest drivers from my computer and give that a try. thanks

we downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia and right in the middle of the install the screen started to get these horizontal and vertical fuzzy lines. even before we tried that, we took the card out booted up windows then restarted, hoping windows would recognize new hardware but it didn't. I thought that was kinda odd? I'm thinking take everything out and start fresh....... aahhh!