"STOP 0x0000008e" error message during Windows XP setup
Any help?

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Download the ISO , burn to a CD then run a memory test.

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what type of computer you have a desktop or laptop? common error is hardware problem, the hard disk not detected in the long period of installation or may be you have a bad ram installed on it, or a defective cd/dvd rom drive..

"STOP 0x0000008e" error message during Windows XP setup
Any help?

here are some cause of that kind of error

bad memory or the ram (if u use 2 sticks of ram,or u have any spare ram try to use it one by one,just one stick then try to install the os,the if your installation succeed definitely its a ram problem)

bad hard drive maybe sort of bad sectors (try to use other harddrive, because harddisk with a bad sector stops the installation of os,or try to slave you hardisk to another desktop to test it using hdd tune up,you will see there if your hard drive have bad sectors)

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