this link is to a pic of a mother board thats somthing like mine if you look at the top left hand side of the board there is a small brown dual input slot in between the the long white one and the longer black one to the far left.

question what is this brown input dual slot for its empty on my board and perhaps it could be something that enhances my computer dont know ?

whats it called and what goes there also what does it do?
thanks in advance of any help with this question
:D zeromasterz

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I dont remember the exact name, but its basically a really old fashioned pci slot. Many older computers (about 9-15 years ago) used these slots primarily. Its not going to "enhance" that motherboard...but i guess if you have a really old device it can be plugged in there. That mobo setup is pretty old in itself so i guess it fits in.

Not a bad price tho for 700 mhz with mobo if i might add.

Hey thanks so its a pci slot great to know.
going to do a search and see what turns up.
oh by the way my price is better i found my computer ( big smile )

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