i have spilt some coke on to the laptop keyboard

i need the way to remove the keyboard from a packard bell

easynote k5285

all apears to work fine apart from the keys some times when you press
the c key you get a Cc at the same time and there are a few other keys do the same sort of thing press the p butten it dels at the same time

does any one have a service manual or the way to remove the keyboard

thanks in advance


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Good luck with that request, angel. Packard Bell is, unfortunately, one of those horrible companies which assumes that you are an idiot, and thus not worthy of having anything provided to you other than driver downloads and "Send it to us and pay us lots more money!" messages :(


leading front edge at the base has three screws. Remove all of these and then the pad in front of the keyboard can be removed, you sould be able to access the keyboard then.


After alot of messing arround it seems the plastic containing the power switch slides to the left and comes out.
Three screws undeneath and your done....

any one know how to remove the keyboard

thanks angel

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