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Right along from the power connector are the memory slots, Jetway have provided two sets, one set for SDRAM and one for DDR (PC1600 or PC2100); this is a smart move as you can carry your old PC133 RAM on to your new box without shelling out for DDR RAM. The slots support up to 2.0GB of RAM of either type (Note: you can only use ONE type of RAM at any time!)

I got that from here http://www.ripnet-uk.com/RipNet_v2/reviews/motherboards/jetway/page1.shtml
You wont be able to use the PC3200...you could get 1gb of pc2100 ram and your computer would probably run heaps better.

I wouldnt risk buying the PC3200 and it not running..Although newegg.com does allow you to return ram if it doesnt work. But I would stick with the PC2100.


PC3200 should run in there.
It'll just run at the lower bus speed, effectively making it PC2100.


Haha, so your paying extra for nothing....unless you do indeed upgrade your system

You might find that, in some cases, the faster RAM is cheaper than the slower stuff, which is harder to come by due to being obsolete. ;)


Yeah I will upgrade so if I can use the ram in the meantime it will be a big help.

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