I went to veiw some pictures, but the CD's tray wouldn't open. I went to add/delete hardware to troubleshoot the optical system, and it appeares to be ok. The green LED comes on when I try to access the CD, but that's it.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
CPU Type AMD Athlon, 600 MHz (6 x 100)
Motherboard Name MSI K7Pro (MS-6195) (6 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DIMM)
Optical Drive CD-ROM Drive/G6D

I am well versed in the use of a VOM, and can recognize and trouble shoot most components on a PC board. But I don't know where to start with this one, I'm new to computers (first computer given to me 11/2004).

I do appreciate your response.

I've seen that sometimes, usually booting the machine gets rid of the gremlins.

If it doesn't (in this machine it may have been a flaky connection building up static charge) you should just replace the drive, CD drives cost next to nothing.

this has happened to me also, open the tray with a pin, then close it again then reboot the machine, if that doesnt work your cd drive is wasted

Thanks for the response guys...I did open it with a pin, reclosed it, rebooted it, just the danged LED comes on. Is there any possibilty that this is a software problem?
I had another thread ealier asking about whether or not to save an installation file, and Catweazle suggetsted that I save on a disk, I responded that I didn't have a RW CD...looks like I'm heading that way!

my Techical Manager told me if u LED is on all the time and does not switch of, it means ur cd drive is finished.

Well...the plot thickens! Last night when I was playing with this I shut down the computer, and when it went to restart a message came up in the BIOS, it reads: See Master Drive ATAPI Incompatible...Press F1 to resume. It wouldn't repeat when I did a reboot, this morning I removed the data cable to see what would happen with the LED, and when I restarted the computer the same message came up. (By the way...the LED stays on when the tray is closed). I looked this up:

Short for AT Attachment Packet Interface, an extension to EIDE (also called ATA-2) that enables the interface to support CD-ROM players and tape drives.

So now I'm guessing that this is a software issue, can anyone help me with this please? And should this be moved to the Windows forum?

I just started the computer this evening, and the tray slid shut, and works now! That's it, I'm going for an exorcisim.

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