Okay i have a Amd athlon X2 64 5200
Im thinking about Upgrading
Amd or Intel Which is better
Ive already done Research and Most people suggest Amd above Intel
Amd is cheap but good ive got myne now for 4 or 5 years if im right
Its Kinda Wonderfull that there were such good Pc's back den in South africa(year 2006 or 2007) :icon_lol:
But now well yes:S anyway
So what do you guys think :?:

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It depends. Both are very competitive and work hard to leapfrog the other. So, it kind of depends upon the day of the week, phase of the moon, and whether you are wearing briefs or boxers...

AMD is generally cheaper. Currently, Intel is faster. Either will give you a good computing experience.

:D Yea but how long does it Last
Doesn't help if faster but dies quickly

Well, I have been using Intel gear exclusively (other than IBM, HP, and DEC Unix gear) for 30+ years, and no problems as yet. My current workstation is a dual quad-core Intel motherboard and cpu setup that has been running non-stop for 4 years now. Video is an nVidia 8800GT w/ dual 24" Dell displays. I've had disc drives and RAID arrays die for various reasons, but the system itself has been dead-bang reliable.

And AMD ??

a well treated [not overclocked or abused ] will last for yrs ,either brand

I've heard a lot of good things about AMD gear, and I have used a lot of ATI graphics boards in the past. Frankly, I don't you can go far wrong with either AMD or Intel CPU's, but AMD gear is definitely lower cost so if you are very price sensitive it would be the better choice.

It depends on the usage.Regarding graphics support AMD is the best.If you need to work for more number of hours, the performance of AMD will be comparitively slow.

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Buy an Intel I7 990x, the best choice !

It depends on what purpose you intend to use it. Both performs well if you spend extra buck's on your RIG. . .

The Intel i-series kicks AMD's ass.

intel quad core or dual core does just as good

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Intel is more about sheer performance, however this comes at a price.
AMD are more about bang for buck, AMD will still do for daily computing tasks and gaming, so Intel is only really recommended by me if you want a £4000 gaming rig, but again it's down to needs, budget and preference. I'm typing this on my AMD Bulldozer 6-core system and it performs right up there with the higher-end systems IMO :-)

Low price and good performance - AMD
Higher price and better/best performance - Intel

commented: Sums it up perfectly :) +0

I have 2 systems that have AMD Athlon processors and are over 10 years old and have had no hardware problems (but has had viruses). My new system has an AMD Athlon II X4 645 quad-core processor and works fine.
The main difference is ease of overclocking (which gamers do to speed up their games).

Best bet is check the motherboard for your purpose and they will dictate the type of processor.

hope this helps

I have used both, but generally have a preference for Intel.

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