Hello I have an intel celeron processor that uses an asus motherboard. I need to buy a new motherboard and need to know what kind of socket the processor is, and what kind of chipset i need, if ya need more info just tell me.

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What type/speed of Celeron processor? There are actually a couple types of Celeron.

I have no idea. How could i find this out?

Well, that wouldn't help me because I can't get on the computer I need it for. The board on it its bashed up pretty good.

It probably will say on the processor, if it is a socket processor it should be engraved on the heat transfer plate on top of the cpu (forgot the real name for that part) while if it is a slot processor it should say on top of the heatsink in a form something like 800/256/133 where the first # is the processor speed, second is the cache, and third is the front side bus speed (probably 66 or maybe 100 in your case).

if you got your celeron after 2000, mostly likely it is socket 457,

Please dont take this the wrong way but...
Are you really sure you want to stay with a Celeron?

Since you are already buying a new mb why not look at some of the alternatives...

Faster everything... and you should be able to use most of your ram and other components even if they do slow the system down for now...

The heat transfer plate is officially known as an Integrated Heat Spreader.

if you got your celeron after 2000, mostly likely it is socket 457,

There is no such thing as socket 457. Celerons come in slot 1, socket 370 (a few different variants in here!), socket 478 and socket 775.

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