hi could anybody tell me if i can upgrade my acer extensa 4630z processor to a intel core 2 quad the motherboard support core 2 duo processor and 64bit i mean the core 2 quad is in the same line as the intel core to so will it mount on the laptop? i know if it was a desktop motherboard lets say the socket lga775 all 775 processor will mount so is it the same for laptop? will a core 2 quad mobile work.

the reason i ask is i want to run vmware with 3 windows server 2008r2 and a win7 for testing which is part of my course i know it wont run on my current machine now so i need to upgrade instead of buying a new machine just for testing.


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I very much doubt it as I have never come across anyone do that successfully and I am a computer engineer.

Your bios wont have support for a quad core or support for the bus speeds of a quad I suspect.

i see that both processor core 2 duo and core 2 quad use the 45nm Architecture process technology.
both processor has an FSB speed of 1066 MHz and support L2 cache 6mb and tdp up to 35w

I still don't believe your bios will have support for it! I recon that at best, it will run as a dual core rather than a quad if it even works at all.

is there a way i can upgrade the bios to support it.cause i wonder if 3 win 2008 server and a win7 will run in vmware at the same time on a core2duo 2.0 and 4gb ram

You will have to check the Acer website for bios updates. Be warned though, a faild bios update can render a computer completely useless.

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