Hi everyone, newbie here - hope I'm in the right place.

My boss's Toshiba notebook (1955-S806) shut down while he was working and now it keeps rebooting. It gets as far as the Windows XP logo and then restarts. I tried rebooting in safe mode - same problem. Shutting down completely and then starting up again was ineffective as well. I know virtually nothing about Toshiba, since the rest of our computers are Dell. My boss is searching for any disks or owner's manual, but no luck so far. [IMG]http://www.techspot.com/vb/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Serial No. 23023196CU (if that helps any)

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Thats a known problem in this Toshiba 1955 series. It is caused due to overheating of the CPU. Cleaning your heatsink and putting some fresh thermal paste between the cpu and heatsink might help. Also try not to block the fan vents at the bottom of the laptop but its difficult to get rid of this problem once it starts. Hope it helps.


Is your boss use the laptop for the internet? What antivirus your boss use? It have the problem with windows registry...Please give the brief details..

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