hello guys

my computer freezing up during diplaying montherboard manufacturer's logo
and i cannot even see the POST message..

is this a BIOS problem or any hardware problem?

please helpp..

More information please.
Any beeps?
Computer spec.

im sorry sir but i dont have more info since i didnt open the case of that computer
all i know is basic specs

Motherboard: Samsung (bcoz thatz the logo of the screen when u turn on that pc before it freezed)
model: i dont know
RAM : 256 MB (owner said)
CPU : Pentium 3

there is no beep i heard instead a sound like a windows xp welcome screen sound then display the logo of manufacturer to the monitor and thats all and nothing happen next (freeze)..

and another problem is when plug the power to power supply its automatically turn on the computer....

You said the motherboard manufacturer's logo pops up when you turn on the PC, or is Samsung the monitor manufacturer? Can you see BIOS information loading? Most of the logos you will see are the computer manufacturer and then the OS logo. It sounds like there is a problem loading the drivers once the OS takes over, maybe a resolution set higher than the video card's specs or a bad refresh rate?

additional: try booting to safe mode to see if you can get in Windows that way, change the resolution to something safe, like 1084x768.

thanks for your replay sir..

the monitor is built in like a laptop lcd that has a small connector that connects to motherboard.and both are samsung...i cannot see the bios info loading.. only that logo and sometimes no display or black screen but it has a power..

more info: keyboard and mouse are usb type..

so i cannot press any key in the keyboard until windows load.

i already tried that one sir but the problem still the same..