Hi everyone, I am currently working on my friends HP Pavilion DV2415nr and I'm in a world of trouble if I can't fix it.

At first, the computer would randomly blackout and require a restart which cleared the issue. I ruled out software issues and thought that it had to be loose RAM.

I went in and took out and reseated the RAM. I then started it up and one RAM stick was not registering so I went in again and reseated the RAM. Now, the comptuter will power on but nothing will appear on the screen. I have tried every combination of inserting one RAM and not the other and made sure that they were inserted fully but every restart after that was the same where the computer would power on with no beeps but nothing showing up on the screen. It sounds like it can access the hard drive just fine, and the dvd drive still opens.

Any suggestions?

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>>>Any suggestions?
Nothing you're going to like. No beeps means you're not posting. That is a rather serious issue. Suggestions range from a defective PSU, BIOS, or mobo. What you might try for starters is another matching PSU that U know is working.

try using another RAM check if it will help

Now it will turn on (phew!) but only after a few tries. When it does turn on, it has no problems at all, and does not show any problems on any diagnostics. Now what?

U can try cleaning the RAM slot w/some very fine rouge cloth.

I am facing exactly the same problem with my dv2415nr pavilion.

I solved the problem once, by removing the RAM slot and waiting a few days, but now, 1 month later, the notebook does not boot anymore.

I already tried to clean the RAM´s, HD, etc, and nothing... it just turns on but the screen keeps black.

I have that notebook since 7 months... did you find any solution for that?

Check for bulging or leaking capacitors on the MOBO. If they are leaking there will be a brownish tint on top like rust....

I am facing exactly the same problem with my dv2415nr pavilion.

I solved the problem once, by removing the RAM slot and waiting a few days, but now, 1 month later, the notebook does not boot anymore.

I already tried to clean the RAM´s, HD, etc, and nothing... it just turns on but the screen keeps black.

I have that notebook since 7 months... did you find any solution for that?

I dont know if you are still having this issue. We are having exact same issue w exact same model HP. Have had to send to HP to replace parts (probably motherboard) I suggest you do the same unless you have already taken care of it, and if so, what did you do?

i had the same problem today. Just curious . . . did you guys upgrade your ram? I'm having mine sent out, but before i do send it out to HP for repairs, I replaced the upgraded ram with the original, so HP doesn't say that it was a non hp product that caused my laptop not to boot up. This is pretty annoying. It has been 18 days since the last response . . . were you guys successful in resolving this annoying issue?

i had the same problem today. Just curious . . . did you guys upgrade your ram? I'm having mine sent out, but before i do send it out to HP for repairs, I replaced the upgraded ram with the original, so HP doesn't say that it was a non hp product that caused my laptop not to boot up. This is pretty annoying. It has been 18 days since the last response . . . were you guys successful in resolving this annoying issue?

sent it away came back once (they only fixed 2 of the 3 issues) and the ac adapter is having issues now so we are sending it back again. it was a motherboard issue nothing to do with your upgraded ram but still a great idea to remove it before you send it to hp, you would probably have never have seen that ram again...

Thanks for responding. From reading this thread I understand that the 3 issues exist. One issue is the motherboard. Second issue is the ac adapter. What's the third issue? Man I liked this laptop, especially after I had upgraded its ram.

I'm curious if you guys had upgraded your bios several times like i did. I started having this problem after updating to vista service pack 1.

Furthermore, when you guys had your dv2415nr sent back to HP, did they redo your laptop to its awful factory settings? I chatted with hp and they said that they would have to set my laptop back to factory settings.

Lastly, did you guys have problems testing out your webcam in quickplay? The HP tech I chatted with last week told me to reinstall to factory setting? I told the techie "**** you." I just updated quickplay and the camera option returned, but the webcam didn't perform like it once did when I first bought my dv2415nr.

This was a great laptop. I used it for everything especially: watching tv, recording tv, Djing with serato, recording my mix set, copying dvds, converting movie files from one format to another. This laptop impress my diehard mac friends, but they were waiting for this thing to conk out, because they all had bad luck with HP. Anyways . . . i think i found a replacement for this laptop, but it doesn't have the cool remote like the dv2415nr. Check it out:


DV 2415nr. Lots of odd behavior with this laptop and there are many, many more disconcerting stories out on the web of odd things like people replacing HDD's and the machine deciding not to boot.

My own machine started having a high frequency failure to post after I updated a BIOS. I was unable to revert to an older BIOS for some reason. Situation continued like this with no other problems for a while. Once or twice laptop hard-froze with video garbage.

What is always very interesting about this failure to boot is that the machine will sometimes boot up when the AC adapter is first plugged in. No idea why. Even taking the battery out and holding down the power button to drain residual charge will leave it in a state where plugging in the AC adapter will randomly cause it to boot. Don't believe it has ever successfully posted when starting in this manner.

One day, came in to discover the laptop running very, very hot. Could reboot, but hard disk was suddenly having incredible difficulty reading. Linux confirmed in the kernel messages that the system was simply waiting too long for the HDD to successfully read the data.

Ordered new hard disk. Put in new hard disk. Machine never posted again. Putting the old HDD in or any other number of tricks would come up empty. Not one post after I swapped that HDD.

Sent into HP. HP said they would replace the motherboard. Machine comes back with F30 BIOS and a fresh Vista install. Machine booted to vista. Reformatted hard drive with new partitions for linux and was getting ready to try to move back to XP with a good SP3 install with driver packs. One other XP distro failed to be able to finish installing. Put the next CD into the tray and rebooted. Machine hasn't posted since.

What does all this point to? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm very frustrated with the behavior of this notebook, especially in how it seems to "remember" things about how it was shut down and how that affects the likelihood to boot. It's as if some part of the machine is holding state no matter what you do to drain the power.

Getting very frustrated at HP and hope they give me a new machine without whatever inherent flaw is creating all this strange behavior.

Forgot to mention that the 2415nr and several other dv2000 lines are subject to a warranty extension from HP because of a sucky BIOS issue. Not sure what all the symptoms and causes are, but appears to be the root of a lot of problems. Such a shame that HP can build a nice product and then completely convert it into a brick because of a piece of software.

There are some known issues with some of the pavilion notebooks. this is a service alert from hp regarding them mentioned model of notebook here

Notebook May Not Boot After BIOS Update
HP Compaq Presario Notebook model series affected: V3000, V3100, V3200, V3300, V3400
HP Pavilion Notebook model series affected: dv2000, dv2100, dv2200, dv2300, dv2400, dv8300
Situation Some notebooks under the above model series may not boot after updating the BIOS.
Solution To resolve this issue, download and install the appropriate BIOS update on the customer’s unit.
After entering HP’s website at www.hp.com, click on »Software & Driver Downloads and enter the model or product number of the affected notebook. On the next screen, select the appropriate operating system. Scroll down to the BIOS section and click on the listed BIOS update.
Follow the instructions on how to download and install the BIOS update on the customer’s notebook.
NOTE: ASPs downloading the above BIOS update onto the customer’s PC will be able to place a warranty labor-only claim on HP’s CSN web site at www.hp.com/partner/csn. After entering the web site, click on CSN Consumer Product Support Ordering and select order type Warranty Labor Only.
More Info For additional information or help on this issue please contact the HP Retail Support Call Center at 1-866-477-3824 or email your question or issue to usconsumer.asp@mail.support.hp.com

For anyone interested in a possible quick fix, I've found two tricks that work with some reliability.

The issue is not particular to any BIOS for these series of laptops, but I'll go ahead and use my current one, F 3C, as the example. I've experienced similar failure to boot issues on all four of the BIOS released for this laptop.

Hard Shutdown due to lockup etc followed by failure to post that requires another hard restart, leading to a cycle of post failures that can't seem to be broken. Laptop is a brick in this state and the situation seems fairly hopeless. Called HP last time and got a new motherboard. Still experiencing the issue though.

After a lot of digging around on the net, I found these two solutions last time. Neither worked for my previous motherboard, but are working now with the new motherboard. Could have simply been that the last motherboard had indeed trashed itself and the fixes have more promise than I believed at first.

On this current motherboard and running XP (you'll see later that there is an OS dependence to the gremlins that exist on this machine) these two quick fixes are working with complementary effectiveness. That is, if one doesn't work, the other has so far.

Solution 1:
Unplug AC, remove battery, and press power button to drain residual charge from the system and get whatever gremlins remain in the system to unwind.

Solution 2:
Run the system on battery until it dies. Fixes particularly difficult gremlins.

Whatever you do, avoid hard shutdowns. They seem to have a high likelihood of causing the problems to manifest themselves and are difficult to get rid of. The system is holding state somewhere even when the power is cold, causing the error to propagate to subsequent boot cycles.

This isn't the only issue I've experienced with this laptop having gremlins surviving restart. First was an issue particular to restarting from Vista to Ubuntu causing the sound to not work. Second was when the laptop started deciding to boot occasionally whenever the AC adapter was plugged in.

Truly some of the oddest behavior I've ever had to deal with and I'm continuing to contact HP to inform them that they need to fix their BIOS (still) before replacing more motherboards. I'm on a brand new motherboard right now and it is not the solution. BIOS F 3C is not the solution. None of the previous BIOS seemed to be the Solution. This laptop should be mature by now.

Hi All, Not sure if this is completely relevant but it may help someone in the future. My HP dv2000 died over 6 months ago, when turning on the QuickPlay keys lit up and it omitted a series of devastating bios beeps. This occurred one month out of warranty. I took it back to the store of purchase (Retra Vision) after ascertaining that it needed its motherboard replacing and cannot praise the store staff enough. After fighting with HP for six months they finally had them fix it for me free of charge. I have it back now, only to find that it needs a new battery *groan* BUT it just goes to show that if you work hard enough at them, HP will fix it for you. This was not a problem due to anything that i had done. I have since learnt my lesson and purchase an extended warranty with EVERYTHING i buy! Hope this helps someone if they find themselves in this unfortunate position.

For anyone having trouble with their Hp Dv20xx and no longer have the 1 year warranty service here are some options: with your symptoms being:

-It will not power on any more.
-The screen is blank and has no display of even the BIOS menu at start up.
-It does not even beep when powered on any more.
-The hard drive indicator light flashes only once when powered on but the charge light and media led lights in the front are displayed and that’s it.

If you have tried fixing the problem your self by taking out the battery, unplugging the A/C adapter, and holding down the power button for 1 minute then powering it back on with just the A/C adapter; or if you have removed the RAM and brushed away any dust, then placed the RAM back and powered it on, and it still did not respond then your mother board may need to be repaired but, try the following:

1. visit this web site address (below) to find out if your HP/Compaq is on the list of recalled computers, if so you may qualify for the HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program and they will perform a one time repair free of charge.


2.When you get to the site, find your model number, click on it, you will see a list of serial numbers, if your serial number matches one of the listed, then contact 800-HP invent or 800-474-6836.

They will send you a box via FEDEX and should take care of your problem within 7-9 business days (or 2 weeks depending on the state of your computer).

3. How ever if you do not see your serial number on the list of recalled HP/Compaq computers don't panic. You'll just have to do a little more work than others to get your PC back up and operating with out having to pay that ridiculous $399 repair fee HP quotes you once your warranty expires.

4. This next step is simple and may seem redundant but do it anyway. Keep calling Hp, if you've called before you know by now the representative will tell you after collecting your information that your warranty has expired, but you can purchase a $399 service plan, covering hardware repair.

The HP Rep. might have even quoted you a $99.99 (non refundable) 1 year phone tech support that you have to purchase before you can purchase the $49.99 hardware diagnostic support service (Which does not cover any cost of hardware needed to fix your PC). They may have you send them your PC so they can perform a diagnosis, but will call you with a quote of repair cost.
If you choose not to have the PC repaired, you're out of $149.98.

5. Kindly decline the offer, ask if there are other alternatives, if they say that is all they can do for you, then thank them for their time and effort, conclude the conversation, and call back, keep trying until you get someone who will help or cares. Try kindly asking for a supervisor on the next call with out giving the representative the opportunity to assist, He/She may feel compelled to get your problem taken care of on their own (Even if that means putting you on the list of those to receive Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program or the free one time repair service), if you portray it as a situation only His/Her superior can handle.

This has worked for me several times, my warranty was 8 months and 3 weeks over expired and my HP dv2000 was not powering any more. It had the same symptoms as those described on this web site's blog and I was still able to get it repaired just being persistent. I had stopped using it when it gave out 2 months after the warranty expired so I bought a Mac Book Pro notebook through a grant I received through my college (Great notebook btw).I wanted to fix the Dv2000 to give to my younger brother for school.It didn't cost me a dime to get it fixed, but I am trying to get my brother to consider the extended warranty.

6. Just be persistent, don't give in to the service charge unless you have spoken to a supervisor and are convinced it is your only option for repair (if you want to repair it, at $400, you might as well save a little more and buy a brand new computer). Yes, when you call back-to-back they will notice that you have called several times in one day but just be to the point, clear, and persistent. It beats paying $400 dollars for a repair issue that's HP's fault.

Let me know how it works out.

Good luck,
And if all else fails, Google is your friend.

here y2k pc specialist encounter almost same problem with almost new hp laptop sad to say, re heating vga doesn't a solution but a remedy, hp should accept recall to almost all dv models especially with the nvidia chipset hp may not liable after the warranty period but in the end should you buy another hp product??????????

my hp pavilion dv2000 laptop wont start,i remove rams and clean it but doesnt help.please help me to solve ths problem

Can you create a new thread and give us more details like how old is your computer. What is the last thing you did before this happen, what solutions have you tried etc.

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