Hello everyone,

I have a laptop M700 that boots and after few minutes will shut down. I am not sure that this is a cpu problem overheating or what by the way this is a M700 PIII windows 2000 OS with Docking stations. any help would be appreciated. :sad:

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Have you tried booting in safe mode or last known working configuration? Use the function keys to open your BIOS then select the appropriate setting. If that doesn't work, it's probably a hardware malfunction.


well this machine maybe is toast. however I pulled the HDD and booted it and it stayed on. I was able to go to the BIOS and modified the boot section. then put the HDD again rebooted it and shuts down again. maybe this HDD drive is causing a problem who knows I am very stress over this piece of machine. I need to relax
and this few days..thanks for your reply.


ompaq armada m700 laptop, I dont know what started the problem but when its turned on a message comes up that says 'Non system disk or disk error.

There is no floppy drive and there is nothing in the cd drive. I tried putting an XP installation cd in hoping it would boot from that but still got the message. F10 will not make the bios come up I just get the message. One time when I turned it on I got the Compaq splash screen and hit f10 and got the bios and made sure that cd was number one on the boot list and hard drive was second and then put the xp cd in and started up again but just got the non system disk error again and thats still all I'm getting.

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