I have just upgraded my pc with a new 64 bit proccesor case ram and motherboard. The only main thing which is orginal is my Gforce 5200 fx.

I know this card is loads of rubish but it was not when i brought it, anyway. I have spend all my money at the moment but in two mon ths i should have about £80 maybe more. So i think i can survive with the one i have for 2 months or so and maybe up to 3. So what is the ebst graphics card you think i should get for 80 - 120 £.

It can be agp or pci but i would preffer agp, also it needs to be in uk and would preffer to be able to pick it up e.g. pcworld.co.uk or something.

I have found one which looks ok :
Or maybe a bit more money but looks better
I would get it at the price of £79, or is that not enough, i want to be able to play games like doom on high settings. Thanks.

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try searching around http://newegg.com i dont know if you can get it overseas but you can find other cards for less money those cards arent the greatest you can do for that sortof cash.

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