Hi everybody,
I have an old Dell 5150 PC from 2007 and i use it as a second pc,
It shutdowned suddely, and now it doesn't boot anymore, when i press the power button, it flashes again and again until i release the button.
pentium d 2.66 ghz cpu,
originally 512 MB ram but 3 years ago i upgraded it to 2 GB.
Original power supply died so i replaced it with another one.
The small battery for time (on the motherboard) is still the same.
DVD-RW replaced
Windows 7 but originally Windows XP.
I think the problem is the power supply because when the other one died, I it happened the same way.
Anyway i will get another one, but i need my data from it.

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I know, i've sent it to repair center

The small battery for time (on the motherboard) is still the same.

the small battery is for far more important things than just keep time ,its to put power to the cmos chip that holds the bios info for you computer ,a dead one can cause the computer not to boot ,did for me once anyway,but the fact that your shutdown suddenly it more like a power supply or motherboard issue

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Thanks, my pc is now working.
First, it was the power supply that caused the sudden shutdown,
then my father thought it was the battery that caused this, so he replaced it and this caused another problem.

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