My computer was working fine until I shut it down normally now I can't get it to boot. It reads the video card then I get a "Bad BIOS checksum" messege. I've downloaded the latest bios and flash from asus and tried to boot it with that. The computer reads the rom file and flashes the bios, then i get a messege to shut down and start up normally. When I do this I get the bad bios messege again. I've replaced the battery, and disconnected everything except the video card, 1 hard drive and floppy drive without any luck, don't know what else to do. Any help would be great


Supposedly, newer ASUS boards are supposed to have a preventive measure against BIOS corruption, where one should be able to flash it off a floppy (CrashFreeBIOS). This happens to have that feature, but by the looks of it, something horrible went wrong. That, or you could even try a CD bootup from the motherboard support CD (provided that you still have it). Not a primitive board, that's for sure. Otherwise, you'd have to replace the ASUS.

Oh, and if you are using the ROM floppy function, make sure the file is named "p4c800ed.rom" when it's copied onto the floppy. Actually, taking this file, you could put it on a data CD and try it out as well, if you don't have the support disc.