I have an Asus P4S533X motherboard, which has two DDR slots and two SDRAM slots. My original setup was one 256MB SDRAM chip. Something went bad, and that chip stopped working. So I replaced it with a couple of old 64MB chips I had while I waited for the 512MB DDR chip that I ordered online to arrive. Well, it came in today, so I took the SDRAM chips out and put the DDR in. Nothing -- no picture on the monitor. After trying a different slot and getting the same result, I took the DDR out and put the old SDRAM chips, which had worked just minutes ago, back in. Nothing. So I figured my motherboard must've gotten damaged. So I went to Best Buy and bought an MSI 895PE Neo2-P motherboard along with a 256MB PC3200 Centon DDR. Guess what -- the new combination of motherboard and RAM produced the same result. Can anybody please tell me what's going on??

Asus P4S533X board ram spect . is the 512 meg chip on of these types
P4S533-MX has two DDR sockets and two SDR sockets that support up to 2GB non-ECC PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 or PC133/PC100 SDRAM DIMMs.

Sounds like a Ram compatibility problem to me .

That doesn't explain why it didn't work with the new motherboard I bought. According to the Centon website, its memory is compatible with the MSI motherboard.

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