I have a serious problem.

When I first started using my new comp, there's no problems. But slowly the problems start to surface. When I open a game such as mmorpg like MapleStory or offline PC like Insaniquarium, my screen starts to flicker at random spots and hang my whole comp causing a auto restart. BSOD will show the error "nv4_disp is stuck in an infinite loop" and the problematic part is it doesnt always have an error when I open my games. Sometimes the whole day I have no problems, sometimes just one day when I tried to open any games, it will have the errors shown above alot of times. Sometimes I cant even boot up my comp, it will just go into standby mode during the loading of my OS. I have to restart a few times before it will login to windows. When I tried to type "dxdiag" in the Start>Run, I cannot test Direct3D. My comp will become black screen and hang causing me to restart.

I just could not find ways to fix it.

I tried a few ways like:
un-install n re-install the drivers (inclusive of CD & latest from website)
login safe mode, un-install den use driver cleaner to cleanup the mess and re-install
reformat my whole comp n more..

Should you need any specs of my comp or any details, pls reply here... I really need help.. I cant play any games right now because I wouldnt know when my comp clogs up on me.


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Perhaps your graphics card is overheating...

wad u mean? u mean my temp of the comp is too high so my graphic is overheated? cuz i nvr do any overclock or wad...

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