My 13 year-old son is taking computers in school and decided to experiment on my Inspiron 8100 (they will have to take apart and put back together a computer as part of the final exam). Unfortunately, something didn't work out and when I press the start button, the green lights light up for about 30 seconds and then the thing just dies. Nothing happens on the screen. The unit is 4 years old and was working reaonably well up to now.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?


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Tips: don't let your son dissasemble your laptop ;).

On a more serious note, try opening it back up again and looking for any loose wires or dust that might have got into the contacts.

How far through loading does the laptop get, by the way (as in, does it POST and load the OS or does it just hang - you should be able to tell by the kind of noises it's making)?


The little devil came home and fixed it himself. Case closed.

WHAT did the little devil do? I'm having the identical behavior on an 8000, but no solution so far...

Apprecaiate any help you can offer. I've already gone through 3 motherboards-- all with the identical behavior!


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