Last night I was working on my computer and thought I smelt something burning. The CPU temperature was fine. I shut the system down for the evening to let it cool down. This morning I tried to turn the system on, but nothing. This board has an onboard LED light that should come on if there is power to the board, but nothing. I just bought the board about a week ago from Newegg. I have a Pentium D 2.9 Ghz processor.

Can anyone help me with this? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Does the fan come on in the PSU? If the fan dosen't run, then it could be you PSU smoked. You could open the case and examine the wiring from the PSU, if you have a DVM you could check the voltage in the 20 pin connector.

Well last night I went to circuit city and bought a power supply tester. The Power supply was dead. I opened it up and after reviewing all the wires, noticed one of the capacitors had burnt and cracked. So now I've gotta go out and buy a new power supply. Better than the board I guess. Can anyone recommend a PSU? The one I had was 500W.



Power supplies are pretty much the same, when you turn them upside down they all look the same. Seriously, if you look at the over all failure rate they're all pretty much the same, I would go for the best deal on a recognized PSU, the three that richho0323 are good, I like Antec.

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