This problem started about three months ago when I decided to upgrade my video card. I had an integrated card, and I upgraded to an AGP card. When installing the card, I basically could not get it to work. The card would be in, but the monitor would be blank and give a "Going to sleep" message, even though the computer sounded like it was booting and the keyboard lights would flash. Nothing would turn the computer OFF except pulling the plug.

Finally, I dragged the whole thing to Circuit City and had them install it. After it was installed, the computer and the new card worked flawlessly until now. I honestly thought I had the perfect computer, finally. Everything was just so great... I should have known it wouldn't last.

Now I'm getting the same problem again. I turn the computer on, it sounds like it's booting, but the monitor is blank and/or gives the "going to sleep" message. Again, nothing can turn the computer off except pulling the plug. After plugging it back in, about half the time it will boot correctly (monitor starts working) and everything is fine. The other half the time I have to unplug AGAIN and then plug it back in, and then maybe it will work. Sometimes I do this (unplug/plug-in) several times before it finally works. I've checked all cables and the card itself to make sure nothing is loose, but everything looks fine. The power supply does get hot sometimes, but I ran a fan check and it doesn't look like anything is actually overheating. Besides, the problem occurs when the computer has been off, and is cold, so it can't really have anything to do with overheating.

Can anyone tell me what might be going on? Is it the card? The computer? :eek:

These are my specs:
Compaq Presario S6200CL Desktop PC
Windows XP Home Edition
1.50GB RAM
Ati RADEON 9600 video card (256MB) by Xtacy
Power supply: 350

Guess I would (1) check BIOS and ensure the new card is noted and the internal card is disabled (2) reseat the new card

finally, if you paid CC to do the install of the card, bring it back to them!!

I am having the exact same problem...I actually bought a new AGP graphicas card and tried it..Voila the computer came back to life...But then after booting my PC several times the computer is haveing the same problem

Is it the connector that attaches to the Mother Board that's the problem?

My Dell flat screen monitor did the same thing without adding anything. Kept plugging it in and discovered it was the on/off switch that wasn't working. Now I just have to leave it on all the time. It was just one year old and Dell said my warranty was out and wouldn't do anything about it!

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