What cables and adapters do I need and can I get an explanation of the gender of each port? I have the following already:

mini dvi to VGA
mini dvi to DVI (dual link)
mini dvi to s-video/coax (RCA)

I want to make sure I get audio as well.

Since the system has a DVI and not HDMI adapter, I don't think it will give you audio over the link. You will probably have to use the computer's audio mini jack to output audio to wherever. You should be able to find mini-to-regular stereo coax cables that will connect the computer to a stereo, monitor, or TV with audio capabilities. Assuming the MacBook has the mini-dvi port, then you need to determine what input devices your tv/monitor supports. If DVI, or HDMI, then get the appropriate cable for that. If only VGA and/or s-video/coax, get those cables. If both, then go for the digital connection - mini-dvi to dvi or hdmi as needed.