Hi all,

I guess this is a pretty basic question about an old motherboard but anyway...

The motherboard is a P4i65G.

What I'd like to know is about POST info.
Should I see a BIOS screen if a motherboard is OK?
Or do I need to hit the DEL button?

I'm really new to learning about PC's and despite 'googling' the above question I can't get any answers...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When you first boot the pc you will generally get either a screen with the mobo manufacturers info/specs, or a pre-start checklist type of thing.
To go into the BIOS one generally taps the delete key on the keyboard immediately after hitting the power button.

i thing if the bios is set to quick boot it will not show all the boot screen info ,you can disable the quick/fast boot in the bios or ,most older board will show it if you hit the tab key at some point on bootup

Sorry all, I guess I asked the wrong question and didn't make myself too clear.

At the moment I'm trying to work out if the above Motherboard is still working.
A while back I got an Nvidia 7600Gs 256Mb ddr3 gfx card and a 1Gb ddr400 memory stick and when I put them in the motherboard the PC failed.

I was then given an old P4 asus p4b533Vm abd installed the gfx, memory and HDD into that and it works fine.

Since then I found out about resetting the CMOS jumpers.

Anyway, I'm trying to get the AsRock p4i65g mobo to work again which is why I was asking about the POST info.

Currently the AsRock P4i65g mobo has a P4 2.3ghz celeron fitted, well, all thats missing from the motherboard is memory, HDD, CMOS battery and GFX card.

What I want to know is should I see any info when I turn it on when it's connected to a monitor?

When i switch it on after resetting the CMOS jumper, the CPU and power fans both work as does the LED on the front of the case.
What I'm basically looking for is the BIOS screen - what parts do I need fitted into the motherboard to see this?
Do I need the HDD and memory fitted?
Any help is greatly appreciated. I know this is a really old motherboard etc but if I can get it working it'll be better than what I'm currently using.

Thanks - OwenBear

To surmise.
The motherboard is missing memory, HDD, and CMOS battery - should I see anything on screen? If not what else do I need to install to get as far as the BIOS/startup screen?


the missing cmos battery could stop it from booting, and with no ram it will likely just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppp.

I'm getting no beeeeeeeeepppp ;).

Originally it was making the monitor power light flash on and off.
Since resetting the CMOS..
The monitor light stops flashing.
So at the moment when I power on.

Power pack + fan works.
CPU fan works.

Also I've now fitted
512Mb ddr RAM.
Still nothing on monitor screen though.

Currently I've got the monitor attached to the on-board GFx.

Do I need a HDD fitted to get to BIOS screen?

Without a CMOS battery my old(er) PC would still get to BIOS.

What do I need fitted in the Motherboard to get to the BIOS screen then?


i have seen older much older computer not boot because of a dead battery ,but i guess you don't really nee battery in to get boot screen .you would not need the hdd installed ,you should be getting boot screen now if the motherboard was working ,with the keyboard plugged in do the lights on the keyboard flash when you turn the computer on

HDD is not necessary, but some RAM would be. Wouldn't hurt to also go get a $10 battery in order to save the cmos settings.

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