For starters, I do not support Apple products, but my ex-wife purchased an iPod for our 12 yr old daughter recently and my daughter proceeded to take it to school, where it was then stolen from her backback during gym class. The thief being unable to gain access to the device because of the passcode lock, calls Apple support claiming they forgot their password. Apple without proof of ownership, email, phone number, address, nothing but the serial number from the back of the device; unlocked it for this person. Upon finding out that her iPod was stolen I thought to take advantage of all that Apple ant-theft support they are so proud of. I was asked for my phone number, email address, serial number of the device, and my duaghters Apple Id and password. After reporting it stolen the "genious" saw that the device had recently been unlocked by another Apple "genious" recently. He admitted to me on the phone that what had happend was not regular practice at Apple. I am sorry but Apple has lost what little bit of hope they had to ever win me over. If I had been able to make use of the ant-theft support and recover my daughters iPod. I would be saying nice things right now. Another Apple flaw that keeps me away. Closed systems for closed thinkers.

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You can't really blame a full company for a problem... you'd blame whomever was on the other end (the one that didn't follow the rules and unlocked the iPod)...
Samething happened to my friend when he lost his macbook pro (the new one)...

Or, even, blame the person who stole the thing...

Haha, that's also true :)
Nice avatar happygeek, why'd you have to change it though... your other one was awesome

the blame is on Apple ,all there employes or employes of a contracted call center are responsable to/for Apple,they are Apple ,classic excample of "if it happen to you" ,you would be blaming apple too

Sure you can blame apple for not checking their staff but you can't blame apple as the "main bad guy"... so blame the staff

disagree ,apple is responsible for its staff .therefor Apple is at full fault ,end of comments for me ,honest

Apple is to blame. The anti-theft support system is flawed. After finding out that the device is in fact stolen Apple is unable to lock out the device, because it is now no longer connected to iCloud for some reason. The thief knowing Apple practices obviously knew to disable iCloud on the ipod. If thats all you have to do to steal these devices then anti-theft is Apple the companies domain, including the hiring of the nimrod that unlocked the device in the first place. As a company, Apple is responsible for all the going ons of their company.

Staff should be blamed not the whole company

Apple is to blame.. Plain and simple. The workers are responsible for upholding Apple policy, Apple is responsible for the worker if they screw up. Example: proven anti-theft has worked in the past on most other systems. FingerPrint Authentication, Password authentication, Facial Recognition software etc... All of these are proven methods against theft.. I can't or will ever be able to call microsoft support and ask them to unlock my phone, or my laptop because I forgot my password, or lost my encryption key. The same goes for android and other linux systems as well. Apple having this kind of control over your device is disturbing, but putting this power into the hands of incompetent employees is even more disturbing. Apple is responsible for having competent employees so that this power is not misused against the customer. Furthermore, I would rather the device be a paper weight than live with knowing that someone was given the keys to the kingdom by Apple, leaving my email, and lots of other information in the hands of a criminal. Thank you Apple, and Brock the Apple"genius" who gave my daughters personal information to a criminal. This is not a laughing matter, and it is definitley a case of "Unitl it happens to you".

Robert.ketron ,im with you 100%

Lets just point this out... we all have our own opinions on who is to blame... but honestly it's not our problem, it's apple... let apple suffer for their inexperienced so-called "genius" staff... So lets just say apple is 50% of blame and the staff is another 50%...

Apple is it's employees, without employees Apple ceases to be a company, and how many more Brocks does Apple have working for them?

you should investigate your legal options.

I would tend to think that this is no differnt than having unencrytped apple customer data on a corporate laptop that gets stolen. I would beleive that by law, there is an obligation to protect your information.

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