I am having an issue with my computer starting up. It will power up, I hear the hard drives spinning, the fans all come on including the CPU fan. But I get no visual, no beeps. I tried to wait out around 5 min or so to see if it is going through it's startup process which would cause my mouse and keyboard to light up once in Windows at the login screen, but it never did that.

I tried to test a different monitor, I see the power signal inside the motherboard light up as it normally does. I secured all connections and made sure everything was as it should be. ,Does this mean my Power Supply or Motherboard burnt out or is it something else entirely?
before the problem started,I had removed the possessor and tested with another machine when placed it buck it started behaving like this
what could have been the problem

This is a typical problem of a bad CPU. Please take out the CPU and have a look on the cooling gel if it is not on the pins.
Also if the smell is awful, then something has burned.
Try to take it out and then back in, sometimes this helps.

With a little force it is easy to put a CPU in the wrong way, Check for bent pins. It seem like the problem would be the CPU as everything worked before you removed and replaced it and now it won't work. You should look at adding more gel while you are in there.