Hi ,
I don't know where is the proper place for this post.
I want to learn the PC hardware thoroughly.
Which book is the best to refer and what are the prerequisites to start learning PC hardware?


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This is NOT a shallow subject. What are you MOST interested in learning about? For general knowledge, you can find out a lot on Wikipedia, but for more in-depth knowledge, that requires extensive study. I've been working professionally with this stuff for 30+ years, and am still clueless about a lot of it! Consider that I have been factory trained by IBM, Compaq, AT&T, Sun, Apple, and others, and have been a systems-level software engineer for most of those 30 years, and am currently Senior Systems Engineer for a tier-one mobile phone manufacturer!


Thank you very much.I do understand that it is a very deep subject to study but what I meant was, I want to study the "Computer Organization".
May be I have used the wrong word for it .

Anyways thanks a lot once again.:)

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