Well, i bought a new set of computer
nvidia geforce9500 1000mb
2gig of RAM
500gb hdd
emaxx motherboard.

i cloned it from the other computer with same specs (all is the same except the casing which doesn't matter). now my problem is, when i tried playing games in this new PC, my display shuts off. this is new, so i don't have to clean up. i just cloned it from a computer with exactly the same specs so no virus or software and drivers incompatibility. Why my DISPLAY SHUTS OFF?! Help!

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Probably you forgot to update driver for your new computer. Maybe same specs but system and version inside may be different...


The only think I could think off is your driver not match with your new computer even everything is the same. Bad side of cloning is it'll not installed some drivers automatically which sometimes you have to update drivers for your new computers. Even if the previous one was updated, maybe new one can't use it completely...


Does this happens when you are doing other things like browsing the web. If you have an external monitor, connect it and see whether the problem persists.

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