At our work we had our router fail. The router is set to site-to-site VPN with a remote office. Before we were able to browse the servers and shared files. Now we cant and only way to access is by manually setting "\\servername\directory\". Anyone has had this issue before?

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if you can manually put the computer name to access the share then you're getting DNS resolution and they only thing changed was the router. maybe try an ipconfig /flushdns command on the computer. once you connect manually do the shares show as connected and can use them after the manual connection?

If you are using DHCP then make sure the IP range of the new router is not restricted. I had a client replace a failed router that would only ever allow around half the PC's to connect all because by default the DHCP IP range was set to 1-110. I changed it to 1-254 and it all worked fine.

Might be worth checking it just in case.

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