USB 2.0 - Optical Mouse
Updated to newest drivers for MB (A7N8X-E)

Everytime I startup I have to unplug the mouse and plug it back in for XP (professional) to detect the thing. I have done a restore and and all kinds of crap but cannot seem to remedy this. I checked the BIOS (although I probably need to flash it, any good flash programs?).

THis is really starting to get annoying... :(

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Let me add... that it is not a detection issue Idon't think, its a power issue. The mouse is dead until I unplug and replug it into the same USB port. I have tried different ports as well...

try a different mouse and see if you get the same problem. if you dont, then the problem likely is a faulty mouse, but if the problem repetes with a different mouse then post back and we can go into further trouble shooting.

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