i have a problem about my PC bcoz everytime I open my PC it says

CMOS Settings Wrong
Cmos Date/Time Not Set
Press F1 to Run SETUP

and when I set the date and time in the cmos setup it runs ok and when i turn off my PC and it happen again the same situation the same message. Please help me with this.


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It sounds to me like your CMOS battery is probably dead. This is usually a button cell type battery located on the motherboard somewhere.

If this is a desktop PC, it should be pretty easy to replace. However, if it is a laptop, it can be quite a chore. I recently replaced this battery in my Mom's old Compaq laptop, and to do so required me to take the entire thing apart to remove the motherboard. Some other laptops make it a little more accessible though.

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This is most definately a battery issue. In some cases, the battery may not be able to be replaced on the motherboard. For some motherboards, its built-in and not field replacable. Most motherboards will have the option to allow you to replace the battery.

I got it. Thanks guys... Ur awsome... More power...

I also get good information here because I had gotten the same problem with my pc's CMOS.

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