Hi everyone,

Does anybody know how to reset the CMOS chip on a Sony Vaio VGN-T1XP? I've tried to download the user manual from Sony's website but I can't do it on a works PC and my Vaio was my only other web access, and I'm not even certain it would be in there!

I've read on other posts all over the web that it might not be as simple to do on a laptop as it is on a desktop by just swapping the jumpers or removing the battery.

I don't even know where the CMOS battery is on this model though if it even has one.

Can anyone help me out? Just so you know, it's because I don't know the BIOS password and the PC wont get past post as it can't find the OS, I need to re-install but can't set it to boot from CD. I got the laptop off my mate who set the BIOS password and now he's gone to live in Cyprus!

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Can you try looking for a reset button that's within the laptop? Some laptops have them and reset the whole bios or also try to remove the main battery of the laptop for around 5min that also may work to reset the BIOS.

I'll try those over my lunch break and get back...

Well, I couldn't find a small inset reset button but I removed the battery before going to play football (soccer) and when I got back and re-inserted the battery, when turning on it got past post and asked to start in safe mode, which I did. I then restarted and all seems well.

Now to check event viewer etc. to find out what went wrong in the first place...

I'll also check this evening to see if it did indeed reset the BIOS settings in case somebody has the same problem in future. Merci ramjo!

Been a while since I last posted as been busy, but the removal of the battery did not reset the BIOS. I tried removing it and leaving over night and putting back in but no joy, I also tried removing it and holding the power button for 10 seconds but no joy either.

So now I'm stuck and can't get past POST, it either says that it has a timing error or says there is no operating system found.

I also think I know what may have caused all this in the first place. In my drunken stupidity I placed my mates PC speaker on the palm rest of my laptop above where the HDD is probably located. D'oh!

Any ideas???

In most of the new laptops the password is not stored in the BIOS. It is stored in a Security chip that will never reset when you disconnect the battery. Do not waste your time opening your computer and unplugging the battery. You have two options.
1.If the computer is a Sony you are a bit lucky. Sony will give you the password if you are the legitimate owner of the computer and if the computer is still under warranty. If not they will charge you $30. Other companies (IBM-Lenovo) will charge you up $700 to replace the motherboard. On Dells and on Vaios the manufacturer has a backdoor password.
2. If Sony can't help you there is another way to get the password. It is not simple. You need to completely disassemble the laptop, find the security chip, buy (or build) a hardware interface and a software that will read the eeprom (the security chip). In US there is a handfull of PC technicians who do that. Find one in your city or if you leave in Chicagoland email weservechicago at gmail.com (weservechicago@gmail.com)

does any body can help me to reset bios password for sony vaio vgn-ns235j laptop

sony bios password reset

trying to reset bios password on a sony vgn-ns235j any body give me an idea.

sony bios password reset

trying to reset bios password on a sony vgn-ns235j any body give me an idea.

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Hello I have a vgn-cs14 vaio laptop which gets stuck on the vaio splash at the start. I am trying a way to reset the bios but still unsuccessful. Can you please help me with this. Thanks in advance...

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