I have trawled for answers but no problem is quite the same as mine so I need to ask for help. My Sony Vaio needs to be switched on and off several times before it will boot up to the Vaio screen, then it asks to launch repair or start normally. Repair fixes nothing and finds nothing. Start normally will take it to check c drive screen which again find nothing wrong and it boots to windows, or I hit cancal and again it goes to a normal windows screen. From here everything works as normal. I have tried all the different tests on the machine including all the "F" buttons, been into bios tests and also factorys restored the machine several times. Once the machine has been running I can switch off normally via the start menu and can then ask it to start again anything up to half an hour later and it will boot properly, anything over that and we are back to the above doing a hard reset about 9 times before it eventually starts the proper start up. During the false starts i get a stripped grey screen or a black screen with white hearts and white squares then eventually on about the 9th go it goes to black VAIO boot screen and follows the above routine. This has been happening since Sony had the machine last year, for most of last year !!!!, they sent it back to me with this fault, i sent it back and they kept telling me it had been repaired but it was still the same. It did hav a new hard drive fitted and I am wondering if it was not done properly although why Sony themselves would either fit it incorrectly or not be able to find the fault is beyond me !. I do not want it to go to Sony ever again ! None of the tests I have done find any fault so I have been running my machine for the last four months just to see if anything develops but its still the same. No problems running once its started but a hell of a job to get it to boot and cant find a way to make it boot normally. Do I put up with it as it runs ok once its started and save the cost of replacing hardware or is it a software issue that someone can help me out with ...... many thanks

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hi, I don't have an answer yet and may never have one ,but have a question ,is this a laptop or a sony all-in one desktop ,also the model # might help as sometimes problems are specific to different models

I also have struggled with sony vaio for a client and it always boots into the repair or leave and start windows routine. this is a boot addition put in by Sony called Vaio care and it means that when the *** machine is finally booted pressing the 'assist' button can call up the vaio care and get you out of trouble. great but not needed at startup!!
it is possible once booted to disable this boot routine but you will have to google 'remove Vaio care start up routine' or something like that. I suspect that your vaio boot care routine is awol!

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