I am having serious problems with my lcd and I am at a loss what to do with it. Below is a post I made a few weeks ago on a different site. I thought everything was fixed after I updated my video driver. Everything was normal for over a week and then yesterday it all started again. But now it is worse because I can't do anything to "bring it back." I still can hook up an external monitor and everything is fine, but my screen is otherwise unintelligible. There are white lines that appear vertically and the screen is all fuzzy. At the blue screen, I can make everything out, but it is still all messed up. There are vertical white lines and the screen appears to be in 3.

My problem is that gateway wants $299. just to diagnose it and I am afraid they will misdiagnose and misappropriate my money! Not to mention wipe out my har drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I wrote in last week about the fuzzy blue screen and my video card. Before I packed up my computer and shipped it away, I did a system restore to the week before the problem started and it seemed to fix it...

Fast forward a couple of days-

Every other day or so the computer is reverting to the fuzzy blue screen and lines of nothingness. It is all black other than during the windows splash screen; once in a while there are white fuzzy lines all across the black screen.

To fix it, I have figured out that if I plug an external monitor into the back vga port and toggle between lcd/crt on the laptop, the picture eventually comes back to normal on the laptop. I can then unplug the external monitor and go about my business.

Any ideas what the problem is? It is driving me crazy and I hate to send it in to Gateway and pay so much without knowing definitively what the problem is. Plus, if I send it in and it is in it's "normal" state, who knows what they'll do to it.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

I've been having this problem too for a while. Since the external monitor works well, I assumed that it was not a video card or software issue. I opened up the panel containing the power button, internet button, etc. and found the connection for the LCD monitor to the video card. When the fuzzy screen came up, I pushed on the connection and it worked fine again. After a few months of dealing with this, I've come to the conclusiont that when the laptop becomes warm due to normal heat, the connection raises up due to metal expanding.

I tried talking to Gateway about this issue too, and they said to send it in for service. I know what's wrong with it, I just need to know how to fix it more permanently. Idiots. Hope this helps.