I have an older desktop that I installed Xubuntu on and had it running smooth. The other day I turned on the computer to a screeching noise from the hardware and the monitor would not recognize that the computer was on. I turned the computer off then checked all cables and connections then turned it back on. I was able to get to the hp invent screen to come up that says <esc=boot menu> and so forth but cannot access anything past that screen. I can't put a new version of anything on the desktop until I can enter the BIOS. Any thoughts?

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Do a search for BIOS shortcut key for your particular Desktop model. Most of them go into the BIOS either by F2, F12, or the Delete Key, but there are other combinations.

F1 for bios on older hp(i have one), sounds like your hard disk is dead(i could be wrong,but i got five dead IDE hard drives that i don't know where to recycle)

Can i search for the BIOS shortcut if I cant get past the hp invent screen? My keys wont allow me to access anything. I'm assuming that I will have to reset the CMOS and try to reinstall a new version of ubuntu. I also had a macbook that I had ubuntu on and when it crashed, it crashed. I couldnt do anything else with it. The only options on the hp screen are esc, f10, or f11. All of which do not respond when hitting or holding the keys.

there is no bios shortcut, press f1,
if that doesn't work, take out the hard drive and usb drives and try again

i fixed it by resetting the cmos... thanks for the help you guys!

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