hi, I bought a new motherboard to replace the old one that was cheap and refurbished, but anywho, the new motherboard was an

Asus A8V-VM Socket 939 MB-A8V-VM
ATX Motherboard, VIA
K8M890 Chipset, Supports
AMD Dual-Core Processors,
Dual DDR 400, SATA
3.0Gbps RAID, PCI-E.

I also changed my power supply:
Black Logisys 550W Power PS-PS550A-BK
Supply PS550A-BK, Low
Noise, Support SATA &
20+4 Pin Connectors, w/
Dual Fan

Anyways, all other components to my computer stayed the same: amd athlon 3500, 1gb ram, 7800gtx, 80gb sata hdd, and 2 dvd drives. Now I put it all together as carefully as I could, and I've turned on the power and everything lights up, all the fans turn, but my monitor doesnt show a thing. I really do not know what my problem is, I am really stumped at this point and could use any help. I really hope it isn't that my MB fried, that's what someone has told me could be the problem, but everything is running smoothly, it just isnt turning up on the monitor. Please help, i will remember and love you forever.


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Does it beep when you turn it on? If not, its your motherboard. Same problem happend to me. Make sure your processor is compatible with your mobo. If so, make sure that your CPU is seated correctly and your PSU is pumping out enough power to power everything.

Did you install the drivers for the motherboard?

Are you using the onboard video? I don't have time at the moment to download your manual, so do us a favor and see what you have for default setting in the BIOS for the onboard video vs a PCI or PCI-E baord. This board should be new enough not to have a jumper on the motherboard, but it might be worth looking just to be sure.

What make and model are you RAM modules? Did you check to be sure that they were going to be compatible with that board? ASUS can be picky about what RAM it like.

Sorry i dont realy mean to reply to your thread, i just don't know how to start a new thread.
Hi! everyone, i would like some help with a new motherboard.
Specs its a FOXCONN P4M8907MB-2.0-RS2H, VIA P4M890+VT823ZA,
SOCKET 775, FSB 1066/800/533MHz, PCIex 16, DDR2 533/400.
The ATX power connector is 24 pin how many voltage would this board need?
Well the problem is this i "connected everthing, when i power it up there is this long long noise, the CPU fan runs but no display.
When i take out the ATX 12V power Connector the noise stops the CPU funs but no display, i tried changing the memory still no solution".

Linw124...If you go back to the page with all of the threads listed you will find a yellow rectangle in the upper left hand corner that reads START NEW THREAD, a new page will open with POST NEW THREAD in the upper left hand corner. You will need to fill in the information for your title and if the space below that write your message.

As for your problem...what does the user's guide say about beep or tones?

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