Hi there, sometime ago I enquired about hdmi cable, but never got around buying it. The moment has come now, but I have realized that the HDMI port on my laptop and on the TV are the same, in that it looks like I need a hdmi cable with 2 female connectors...is it possible? I thought - without knowing much about them - that HDMI cables have to have 2 different connectors, male and female...so are the hdmi cables all the same?

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You can buy an adapter to change from male/female at the end of the cable.

Hi JorgeM, thanks, but the connectors on both tv and laptop are male, so my question really is, are all the HDMI cables female? If so then, no problem

Hmm. Maybe we have our male/female terminology confused. Generally, the Tv and laptop will both have female connectors and the typical hdmi cable is male on both ends. Either way, these cables can be bought with different ends or connectors to switch from male/female. Have you looked online or gone to your nearest best buy or computer store?

you just need a standard HDMI cable (any one). the connector pictured is female even though it has the pins - the other side is male because it contains the outer part that sticks out

Yeap, you just need a standard cable. Be aware of the more expensive cables. My experience has been that for a typical connection there is no visible difference if you use a regular lower cost cable.

ok then, wait a minute, you were right JorgeM, maybe I am slightly confused about male/female connectors...I thought a male connector has pins sticking out, designed so that a female connector (without pins) will receive the male connector pins?! But here we are saying exactly the opposite thing. The connector on my laptop and tv, both have pins sticking out, so if I am to buy a HDMI cable I should ask for a cable which has 2 female connectors...Sorry to labour the point, I don't mean to be annoying, but there seems some confusion on this male/female business

I understand the confusion. NOt a problem. When you go to the store, you do not have to ask for any specific type of HDMI cable. What you need is a standard cable. When you are at the store, it will be evident when you have the cable in your hand. No worries.

yes I might do that, it becomes a bit difficult if I want to buy thecable online though...should I ask for a female or male connector in this case?

IF you are going to buy the cable online, you shouldnt have any issues. I do not think there is a need to specify the male/female thing. You just need a standard HDMI cable.

fantastic, thanks a lot for your help JorgeM

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