right i got my p4 3.2ghz processor asus p5wd premium mobo and 1gb ram pny..and geforce t6600 with turbo cache.

i connected the cpu and processor to the mobo including the akasa powerpax psu 400watt. i turned it on everyting was spining fine. then i turned it off from the power supply and placed the ram and i turned it on and everyting was spinning fiine then i turned it off and placed the graphics card in the mobo and then when i turned it on one of the chips on the mobo near the ram and cpu fan plug just fried up in to smoke. ;) LOLZ....so now wen i turn it on the psu fan spins the green light is on on the mobo but the cpu fan aint spinning.... WHY DID THAT HAPPEN??? lolz.

I dont know if there is a possibility to give a deffinate reasoning of why that exactly happened because it could be a number of things. I would like to know though if you properly installed the spacers behind the motherboard and the back of the case so that neither were touching eachother. If the back of the cpu pins touched the case it could spell disaster for your cpu and motherboard. Something tells me something like this happened, but i can not say for sure because it could have been a faulty powersupply that killed it as well.