I think I got that number right, guessing off the top of my head... My first PC was a Win ME eTower, featured the Celeron 700 MHz chip and though I swapped with a second PC, the BK630E BookPC made in China, which sported the same socket motherboard and Pentium 3 750MHz with 256MB RAM, I am only now just curious what chips work for the above mentioned socket...What was the highest Celeron range here? Today I was also informed if the FSB allows 133, should go to possibly 1.4GHz speed while the lower 100 front side bus will max out at 1GHz and I was told, that's on the rare-hard to get list. IF I get a handle on the FSB for each of my so equipped PCs, I hope to get each one pumped up enough to handle video along with audio.

The DeskPro I just picked up came with a Celeron 500MHz chip and I'm willing to trade up or just sell that one... maybe along with older, smaller DIMM RAM (PC66/PC100s) so I can increase my memory beyond 256, thought I have some doubts that will 'fly'.


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Most socket 370's rareley go beond 1.0, some go to about 1.14 or there about ,you will need to change the motherboard to achive higher cpu.