So last night I talked with my friends on skype, when suddenly my internet connection felt out. After restoring it and logging back in to skype. My mic didn´t work. I tried other programs, like Steam mic test and the recorder. But I couldn´t hear anything. And I hate it to buy a new 1, cause this is the third 1

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Which OS are you using? If you're using a MS OS, then there may be an easy fix for this. As the microphone may have been disabled (although rare, this is more common in laptops with built-in microphones as they sometimes conflict with external microphones).

You'll need to boot up the computer (we are of course, assuming you're using MS) and open up the Control Panel. (Start > Control Panel). You'll then have a new window open, you'll need to select 'Hardware & Sound' (you may need to switch to classic view to see this option).

Once you've opened 'Hardware & Sound', look at the 'Sound' heading (Roughly the third option). To the far right will be an option for 'Manage audio devices' - open this up.

You'll then see a new window with four tabs, select 'Recording'. From here you'll see all you devices (often worth right clicking and select 'show disabled devices' as this will also show anything that has been disabled).

You ought to see a green sound bar next to your device, it should adjust if you clap etc., if not you'll need to check whether the device is enabled and set as default.

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(I see you're new here; most of the members are either enthusiasts or professionals but all willing help. Just they don't usually have time to fish to details, so it's worth including anything that may be relevant as you'll get better support and a lot quicker - enjoy)

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