to me too such it happened once. I tried to change settings of the monitor, highlighting, brightness, but didn't help. Then I changed a cable the connecting monitor with the processor and the problem was solved

My monitor had everything turn up with a pink hue. I have just cleaned up lots of dust in the CPU that made the fan noisy intermittently. I Reconnected all cables and switched the computer on. Strange to find the monitor has turned all images and text pink! Goodness!!
I should appreciate it if someone can give me a clue to get the monitor back to normal.
Dr Salmox Omokanye


The issue could be a faulty cable, monitor, or video adapter. See if you can deduce the cause by replacing each of these one at a time. Turn off the monitor and computer between tests to avoid damaging the equipment. Look for worn or corroded connectors and broken soldered joints.

If you need further help, start a new forum thread and you'll get a faster response. This one is very old.

Thanks cable connection was done properly and the problem was solved.

hi everyone I had the same problem too mine was reddish orange but when I tried intel graphics driver and restored color to defaults it worked like a charm

How old is your monitor?
Did you try using a different VGA cable to check if that works?
Have you hooked up another monitor to different cables to see if the same problem exists. If that works then you deffinatly have a bad vga port on your computer.

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