I have a T2682 Emachine, and it won't power up. After taking a look in it, I found that the wire had been disconnected from the power on button, and that the power up button is broken. The computer's power supply is fine, but without the power up button, the computer is worthless. Does anyone know where I could buy a new wire/power up button for it?

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I discarded a dead T2482 powersupply....too bad I didn't see this before...It's gone now, but it was sitting at work for a laugh a couple of weeks in a row! I bought a replacement for $30, the full Bestec 250 watter supply off eBay...then a case w/ 350 watt supply showed up at my apartment, needless to say, I'm pretty happy about that!

I was told when asking about the large amount of failed AM37 mobos that the power supply is typically the weak link in eMachines, which would now include Gateway PCs as well.
The Bestec brand has been around a while so I still have faith it can perform well.. Might do well to make sure you avoid surges and spikes

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