I'm wondering if they make such a thing. I just got a new computer with a SATA hard drive, but i have 2 fine IDE hard drives that aren't being used. One has all of my music, and the other has files on it that I would like to retrieve. My motherboard does not support IDE hard drives. I want to put these drives (probably one at a time) in an external case that would connect via USB 2.0. I could have sworn I had heard of this somewhere. But I can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, there are those boxes, they are so easy to find, you can find out at wal-mart, but check ebay you could probaly one there for cheap.


My motherboard does not support IDE hard drives.

That's a curious one! Might I enquire as to which board or, failing that, PC brand/model you have?

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