Hi. My laptop is going through a crisis. Is 1 year old and I'm really worried. When I press the power button the lights blink and then they turn off. And it's really hard to turn on. But sometimes, I plug the power cord and it starts blinking and it takes like 30 minutes to turn on and the battery looks full when It finally turns on. This is not normal. A guy told me it was the modemboard, other guy told me it was the battery! I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! WHAT IS IT?! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks

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Try taking out the battery, unplugging it, and holding the power button down for 15 seconds. Then try to plug it in and turn it on. It could be the battery. But without having it in front of me it is hard to tell.

Question 1: How far does it boot up when you power it on? Do you see the BIOS Screen?
Question 2: If it isn't starting up, do you still hear the fan and see the lights?

Depending upon a lot of unknowable stuff, a laptop battery can last from 1 to 5 years, though it will gradually lose its ability to hold a charge over that time. I've had batteries die in less than 1 year (still under warranty), and in 2+ years (not under warranty - mostly the warranties on laptop batteries are for 1 year). Do what smitty 68503 suggested, in that you should connect the power adapter, take the battery out, hold down the power buttone for 10-15 seconds (that resets the BIOS to factory settings), and then boot it up. If it boots ok with the power adapter (AC power), then it has to be the battery. Replace it. Unfortunately, a new battery for most laptops will cost you $100 USD or more... :-(

Hey! Thank you for your answers. I think I have tried all of that before and It doesn't work. The thing is that when I plug it in, It takes a long time to boot up (or it used to) because what I'm seeing right now is that the lights are on and the power light is blinking every 5 seconds but it doesn't work. But when it used to boot up, it turned on and I used to use it like nothing was happening.

I would look at three things:

1) what do you have it plugged into? Do you have it plugged into a surge protector that is possibly bad? Is there a loose connection with your DC jack on your laptop?

2) It could be the power cord itself. If it is defective it may not supply enough power to the laptop to fully start it up.

3) This is the main one I would look at: Attempt to start it up and closely watch the power button blinking. How many times does it blink? Are they short blinks or long blinks? I would google that code and it could tell you the problem right there. Also, going into selective start up on a lot of laptops will allow you to do a self diagnostic.

Without having it right in front of me it is very difficult to do an accurate diagnosis. Hopefully these pointers are helping you out a little.

Like smitty68503 said it is very difficult to come and give a solution for this problem without first presented the problem that I shall advocate that you make 2 videos and Post would be much easier for us to help. Make the first video by burning laptop start up with battery set and the second video with the battery removed. Post videos and they will tell us more than words.

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