Hi ,

I'm new to this forum and need some help with a new PC that I'm building.

After assembling all of the components when I turn the power on the fans and leds turn on for less than a second and then turn off. I unplugged all of the drives and peripherals and the problem is still there. I plugged the power supply into another computer and it works fine. Does this mean I've got a bad motherboard?

Any advice?

make sure the heatsink of your processor is properly seated...if it's not seated properly then it might be overheating....and it will have that problem

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Thanks for reply. Re-seated the heat sink and it seems fine. The computer is only on for a fraction of a second before it powers off, so it seems like theres a short or open somewhere in the current path....?

Not enough watts being provided by the power supply?

try removing the mobo from the case.. check if it can work normally..maybe mobo is shorted to the casing...if still the same then it might be your hardware problem...

or try to power on the mobo without the cables connected..then connect cables one at a time to isolate problems..

or try the suggestion above..check your PSU..

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