My friend spilled milk on my acer aspire and messed up my keyoard I got a new keyboard but now it starts up and runs great for a bit and then shuts down at random times. I tried changing the hard drive and it still shuts down. I think it might have something to do with the motherboard but i want to know for sure before i have to get a new one.

laptop? Not good, could be motherboard related. As you may have experienced, all of the parts within a laptop are tight, but liquid can easily slip through an affect multiple components. without exchanging components, it woud be difficult to advise since it could be just about any thing inside the computer that could be causing a short.

ur mothrboard needs some cleanning there r short circuit always but on boot the laptop use othr poarts than when laptop goes through when finally come on and load every thing ! c this hort circuit maybe at bios unint* just send it to the customer survice to clean it with some dielectric liquides..or u can take th risk and clean it with lcd screen cleanning kit! but just buy expensive high quality ones ...awater be4 spilled on my pc keyboard and it do some short circuit even after dry! but just clean it it comes back alive and it works!

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