Everyone please give me ur suggestions about which processor and motherboard is best for Estate company work in London.

applications i have to use are following

Microsoft office 2007
a Database software
and some other applications
no work with graphics

Thanks Alot

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I'm no expert on these things, but my opinion (for what it's worth) is a P35 chipset intel board and a core 2 duo, like an E6600. Both very reliable and cheap.
If money's not tight maybe a DDR3 X48 intel board and one of the new quad cores like a Q9450, but that could be excessive... depends.

Original post in case anyone wants background before they reply:


If no graphics needed, a video card isn't required. You would be fine with onboard, or a cheap one.

Database software ---> are you going to be hosting a server?

If so, you need a high end CPU, Memory, HDD, Motherboard, etc

The software you plan to use, for the most part, does not need excellent parts. Heck, it might be even cheaper to buy a built PC than to build your own.


This is a good reliable mother board that will allow for plenty of room for upgrades

this is the same processor that i run in my business computer running quickbooks, microsoft works and some other programs like that. this is a very stable and reliable processor.

then just get 2 gigs DDR2 ram, a 120GB hard drive and a small inexpensive video card, power supply and a case and you should be good to go.


thnx bro
my work done
i will tell u what i have selected and i am confident for it
thnx for replies

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