Recently i purchased my first high end gaming PC (woo!), (For now i won't name the company as so far there technical support hasn't solved anything). Anyway it came last Friday, so i frantically opened the box (like to add it was frantic only to the point of not hitting the PC hard to cause damage). Put in a network card, then setup all the wires and switched it on. Started up fine, then, alas we got to the main screens and the monitor had a green tinge. After looking up all the settings i decided it wasn't a configuration issue, so i then swapped monitors from a PC where the colours display perfectly and tried it on the new PC, and still we got the same green tinge.
That got 1 issue out the window, we could determine it wasnt a Monitor issue (although i guess it still could be). So i took a deeper look into the configeration, to a look at the RGB settings in the Nvidia graphics menu, and saw that when the contrast menu for red was selected its was a) non changable and b) that red itself isnt displaying.
So i phoned tech-support, who were quiet and didnt really help much, they basically asked what colour the plugs were then suggested to change the video card and see what happens. I havent changed the video card because after paying good money for a new PC i didnt see the point in paying another $100 to buy a replacement for a faulty part. So im left to wait for a reply from tech support. Ive searched several tech support websites who came up with several solutions.

A) A bent pin in the monitor cable or a faulty cable
I checked the Pins, all fine, and the cable is in good condition, no kinks or anything)
B) A faulty monitor
We tested a monitor we know works on the new PC with the same results.
C) Positions (in close proximity to magnetic fields)
The Old PC was in the same position and didnt have the problem

Well i want to know what you think? Is it a monitor problem? Is it a video card problem (i have a Nvidia Geforce 6200 with turbe cache supporting 256MB 16x PCI Express (apparantly)), or did i miss some configeration.

(Hmmm, do you think the wireless network card could be creating a magnetic field distupting the video card as the tops are facing eachother, should i try unplugging the wireless card for test to see what happens?)

Thank you soooooooooo much!


No offense, but the 6200 does not qualify as a high end graphics card, but merely entry level.

Besides this though, your problem most likely lies in a faulty pin of the connector of your monitor (like you mentioned) or it could be a broken wire in the cable, or it could actually be something wrong with your monitor's display itself. I would not invest in another graphics card to test it out (maybe you could just ask a friend to try your monitor out on his machine), but i wouldn't be suprised if they let you rma it and get a new one. If they don't be persistant until you do get one though.