My Asus K52JC needs a new battery,such as: http://www.accukorting.nl/asus-k52jc.html .I checked with Asus - live chat -- and they tell me they don't make the computer any more and don't have any batteries for it and don't know if they ever will. They gave me a number to call their spare parts department to see if they have any. I'll do that, but if they don't have any, what should I do?
I've looked at Amazon and other places online and the reviews for third party batteries are not good. My laptop is 3-1/2 years old and I'm not at all ready to replace it - especially for a battery. So what do I do? Is there a trustworthy third party battery manufacturer/seI have a Asus laptop. The battery no longer holds a charge longer than 5-10mins, and I can only use it if it's plugged in. Kind of defeats having a laptop! lol I checked their website and the price of the battery is way above what I can afford.
I checked batterij-adaptor.com and there are batteries there within my budget, but I'm wondering if they will take/hold a charge. I've always heard you HAVE to use Asus with DELL!
Any tips on getting a battery that will work without giving Asus more of my money?

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I've always heard you HAVE to use Asus with DELL!

not sure what Dell would have to do with you ,if you have a Asus laptop

check e-bay ,i have purchased many 3rd party battery on ebay and they have worked fine ,and some in the list below …

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