Hi Ladies and Gents.

Ive got an Advent 7106 laptop, after installing a firewall program my computer just shuts off with a blue screen and this error message -

stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005,0x80614bcd,0xAA473B64,0x00000000)

This happens roughly thirty seconds into turning the laptop on and then shuts down and restarts for the same message to occur again.

Since its fairly new there isnt much stored data on it so i want to reset the laptop to its orginal set up as it was when i left the store.

Any ideas how to do this when it cuts out.

I can access the BIOS menu etc but I dont know how to reset from here.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you.:confused:

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Let's try this.

When your computer is starting, repeatedly tap the F8 key. When the menu pops up, choose 'Safe Mode' (not with networking or command prompt). If this works, try to uninstall the firewall that was previously installed.

If you cannot accesss the computer through Safe Mode, try starting the computer while tapping F8 again. This time, however, choose 'Boot to last known good configuration'.

Please post back when you've tried these.



worked a dream, thank you. orginally i had just struck the F8 key when it offered the BIOS menu but nothing happended.

I tired tapping and got exactly what you said- thanks!

got a hp laptop need to reset it how do i do that ?

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